My Story: Growing Up Apostolic

My Story: Growing Up Apostolic 

Growing up in a small town where everyone practically knew everyone wasn’t exciting at all. My life was consist of church when I was younger-every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday morning and Sunday night was the norm. I grew up in the apostolic faith. At that time, as a child I knew being apostolic meant I and others similar to me couldn’t wear makeup, jewelry, pants, etc. I abhorred this very much. Going to school I could only wear long skirts and everyone knew me as “the Christian Girl” or “Holy-Rolly”. But what I found out later in life was being apostolic isn’t anything special.
You see- apostolic church folks would always identify themselves as “the truth” or the only doctrine that preaches the “the truth”. When in actuality, the apostolic faith is full of pastors that cheats on their wives with members on the church, pastors that steals, first ladies that have affairs, elders that physically abuse their wives, and the list goes on-but you get my drift.

The apostolic faith is the most damaging doctrine ever. Why do I say this? Churches that practice this doctrine have traditional made-man rules that aren’t Bible based. For instances, there are apostolic (or even other denominations) churches that reprimand members by casting them to the back of the church for: having a baby out of wedlock, wearing the color red in church, (I still don’t understand this!) wearing your wedding ring in church and the list goes on. It’s ridiculous!

The apostolic doctrine is like an occult-full of liars, judgmental, hypocrites and predators that struggles with narcissism to a great degree. This is my first time expressing how I feel and what I know about the apostolic faith, but it’s surely not my last. I will express more about this topic and also reveal churches that I’ve visited in the near future. Stay tuned!
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  1. Wow - I grew up in the Apostolic faith as well and suffered a lot. Still healing from the effects and having a true personal relationship with God for myself! Thanks for writing this!

  2. Thank you for the support Slyver01! Yeah, there are thousands who share the same experiences as you and I coming from the Apostolic doctrine. I will be updating my blog often.Make sure you sign up for my blog feed for daily updates. Thanks!

  3. There are bad Apostolic churches, apparently... I wouldnt deny that. And there are good Apostolic churches too. I go to a good one, and the one I was at before this was a good one too. Just because someone attends a bad Apostolic church doesnt mean that, as you say: "The apostolic faith is the most damaging doctrine ever." Sorry, but that's an absurd statement to make. I'm truly sorry you've had a bad experience, but to paint an entire movement with such a broad brush is just wrong.
    Evidently you've been badly damaged by some bad experiences in the Apostolic church, and I do pray the Lord will help you heal fully from that. But casting Apostolic churches as a whole in such a negative light is not productive at all. If you allow bitterness to rule your heart, mind, and motivations, the only one happy about that will be the Devil. Saying that "the apostolic faith is the most damaging doctrine ever" is simply not true, and such an assertion does not glorify God.

    May you be blessed, and may you be fully healed and made whole in Jesus' name. Amen.


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