Did You Forget: J. Moss is Despicable

Did You Forget: J. Moss is Despicable 
**UPDATE** The Gospel industry is taking a big hit and J. Moss falls in this category: Is The Black Church Full Of Cowards and Liars

What's more disgusting and hypocritical is when a Gospel singer sings about God and his awesomeness and turns around and basically (because of his actions) displays to the world that the God that he sings about is a lie. Now hear me out-It is true that God is omnipotent, righteous, and a  forgiving God, but He IS NOT to be mocked, played with, or taken lightly.

Gospel Singer J. Moss, with his narcissistic egomaniac-egotistical self, thinks that he's 'god' himself and doesn't have to abide by any rules; when in fact he does. Just recently, J. Moss baby mama, LaKisha Hughes came out with the public announcement below:

Now, the question is: Is God pleased with a father who is well paid, but fails to take care of his child? Of course not! Let's not forget, J. Moss was wrong in the beginning, for having an affair outside of his marriage. J. Moss and anyone else in the Gospel industry that's doing 'mess' like this needs to be called out and must repent! My statement for J. Moss: Be a grown-up and pay your child support. End of discussion.
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