My Story: The Year of Transformation

My Story: The Year of Transformation

When the news came to me that my mother said a lot of hurtful  things to my oldest sister, I knew it was time to confront her. Jennifer, who is six years older than me is a widow that proudly takes care of her three girls on her own. Her deceased husband died in 2012 due to a internal condition. In 2013 she met a guy name Craig. They have been inseparable since then. So, the news came to me from my youngest sister Nicole ( who is also a narcissist. I'll elaborate on this later) that mom and dad were at Jennifer's house to see their granddaughters. Craig was over there as well. So, our mother for some unknown reason shouted out, "Why is he here? I will call DSS on you (Jennifer) and make sure they take the girls away from you!"  When I heard this I became furious because it sounded like something my mother would say. 

My so-called saved mother has always had a problem with Jennifer. Why? Well, Jennifer is my half-sister.  See, my mother had Jennifer by another man long before she met my father. The lies, pain, and unknown truth is still fresh. There's information that Jennifer still doesn't know. My mother, with her prideful and arrogant ways would always shunned Jennifer from family events, because Jennifer would always remind her of her past. My mother's past with  Jennifer father will always be a UNSOLVED MYSTERY. Narcissists don't like to reveal their past history because  their past is very painful and is forbidden to anyone else.

Regardless if my mother's past was too painful for it to resurface, in 2013 I was going to remind her of those pains. Enough was enough and I meant that. It was time for a  transformation...
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