President Obama Visit Displays Optimism For South Carolina State University

 President Obama Visit Displays Optimism For South Carolina State University

For those of you who thought President Barack Obama doesn't care about HBCU's---you might want to surcease from reading this article, because you won't like what we have to say. Who would've thought that the President of the free world would travel from the sky and into his motorcade to Benedict College, an Historical Black University in Columbia South Carolina? Could you imagine what the excitement in the air felt like!  OH, what we could have given to be in the realm of the private thoughts of some commentators. We're sure some comments went sorta like:"Why out of all places did he choose to come to Benedict College" or "Why did he choose Benedict over University of South Carolina" or my favorite one: "He's wasting his time speaking to those people at that college--they're fading away anyway, look as SC State for example."

After-all, we all know that the President's visit to Columbia wasn't offered by the Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley. Oh no! It's quite evident that if you viewed the landing of Air Force One at Columbia Metropolitan Airport, President Obama was greeted by Columbia's first African American Mayor, Steve Benjamin, Nikki Haley, and the honorable Jim Clyburn.  Jim Clyburn, U.S. Representative, Democrat and Alumnus of SC State University, is responsible for arranging the Presidential visit to the Palmetto State. 

Regardless of SC State's recent uproar, there's absolutely no apparent casual connection that President Obama was destined to be in Columbia and particularly at an Historical Black University, like Benedict College--which essentially displays optimism for South Carolina State University in it's battle with the State Government of South Carolina.

President Obama's encourages SC State University students--"They should be wildly optimistic about their future--and do not get cynical about what's possible."  Furthermore, The Loyal Sons and Daughters of South Carolina State University should be encouraged that the President of the United States is clearly supporting current and fellow 'Bulldogs' which is an indication that the decades of struggle shall pass lest we are reminded of our Alma Mater:

"We are loyal sons and daughters
Proud to own the name we bear
For the truth that thou has taught us
Ready all to do and dare.

Hail! Hail! Dear Alma Mater
Hail! Hail! Dear S.C.C.
We’ll defend and honor,
Love and cherish."

Copyrights by: Guest Blogger, An South Carolina State University Alumna

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