My Story: Is your Mother Narcissistic Like Mine?

My Story: Is your Mother Narcissistic Like Mine?

I've made a promise to myself that I wasn't going to be like my mother and I dared not to abuse myself or my children. My mother constantly verbally abuse me since the tender age of six. The abuse finally came to a halt when I was twenty-nine. I can remember the name calling, the glares, and her jealous rage on countless memories. She would always call me fat. Anytime someone calls a child fat, that child automatically thinks they ugly or unattractive. Well, that was me. At times my father will chime in and convince her to stop, but it went on for years.

 I remember one summer my father was at work and my siblings and I were home with our mother. All of a sudden, as I was minding my own business-my mother came towards me and started verbally abusing me profusely. "Samantha you are fat and you need to lose weight," said my mother.  "Did you hear what I just said, you're fat and you need to lost weight," said my mother. I just sat in the chair with tears streaming down my face. I was tired. Very tired of the name calling. We both knew I wasn't fat. Suddenly, the phone rings-I quickly picked it up. It was my father. I immediately without any hesitation, told my father what had happened. "Samantha, put your mother on the phone please," said my father. I could hear the sternness of my father voice over the phone. "Don't you ever tell my child that she's fat ever again!"  You know Samantha isn't fat, so why are you saying this hurtful thing to my child! said my father. My parents ended the conversation. My mother didn't say one word to me for the remaining of the day.

This was just one episode that I've encountered with my narcissistic mother. Do you have a narcissistic mother like mine? If so, you're not alone. There's countless of people that went through similar abuse as you and I. Below is a video that describes the voice of a narcissistic mother.

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  1. My mother in law is just like that

    She stole from me
    Expects me to fix her house for free
    Expects her daughter to look after her before me as a husband
    Hides behind "I carried you therefore I own you"
    Believes that as mother her wrong doing should always be excused
    Spread gossip
    Want her own way
    Want it all on her terms
    Thinks that our marriage was designed to make her life better

    And hides her Jezebel behaviour behind her form of Christianity


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