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At the age of twenty-nine I became curious of who I really was and everything that I questioned was beginning to come to light. It was when I fervently asked God to reveal and get to the root of my hurt, pain, and insecurities from childhood. He did just that. Not knowing that all the pain and hurt came from the one person who in society is portrayed as the nurturer and loving one, my mother. My 'fire-baptized', 'tongue-speaking', 'holy-ghost filled mother was the caused of the uncertainties that I battled with as a women.

The title, 'The PREYing Narcissist' is an irony of what my mother really is. As a child, she always made sure her children saw her praying to "god". But what god was she really praying to? The word "PREYing" is a metaphor that I have selected (so you as the reader) may understand that my mother was a person who preyed on the weak and caused constant trouble and distress to anyone who she could control.

My mother who is incapable of showing me love and the years of manipulative lies and deceit; all in the name of “her believed that she was uniquely made and special, but who in-doubt was a cunning, subtle, lioness who attacks her prey viciously. The Black Church, especially the apostolic faith has played a major part in my mother's narcissistic behavior.

Narcissism in the Black Church is real.  The truth will be revealed through me. My name is Samantha Whitmore and this is my story.

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