Should Christians Embrace ISIS?


 Should Christians Embrace ISIS?

 Yeah, we know the title is a bit confusing, but give us a minute or two to explain ourselves. Let's be truthful and say that we are all fearful of ISIS.  And the reason for that is because their attacks are unpredictable. ISIS doesn’t need any more explanation. We know and have seen what they do and what motivates them---control, manipulation, and death. What about the Saints of God. Do we live in fear? Are we suppose to love and show compassion to those that seek to harm us? Should Christians embrace those in ISIS? 

The Paris attack and the beheading of two American hostages has horrified Americans and the decrease of traveling abroad. Christians aren't suppose to live in fear, but to live as Christ did.  Paul summarized this way of Jesus well when he said, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” ISIS is evil, but they can ultimately be overcome by good.

 How should Christians deal with ISIS:

1. “Take the log out of our eyes, before we help get the speck out of someone else’s eye.”  Are there logs in the eyes of the West, America specifically, that we need to first recognize? Where did ISIS get its weapons, for instance?  And are there logs in the eyes of those of us who claim the way of Jesus as the way for the whole world?  If the church had done its job of sharing Jesus in the Arab world in years past, would we have this issue? If the boys who are now men in ISIS, ten years ago, had heard and received the good news of Jesus – would they be doing what they are now? 

2.   “Blessed are the eyes that see and the ears that hear.”  We need to see, hear and understand – it’s the parable of the Sower.  There are reasons ISIS exists. We may not like them, and we might not want to understand them, but a mature and wise person will seek to know.  Ask the question “Why?” Why is there an ISIS?  If you were in their shoes would you be tempted to do something similar?  If you grew up in a country with no power at your disposal, no outlet for travel, economic opportunity or education – and someone handed you a gun and said “We can take what should have been ours anyway” would you be tempted?  It’s easy to say “No.”  But….Are you sure? 

3.  “The harvest is ripe.”  Who has attempted to bring them good news?  Saul was a terrorist before he became Paul – killing Christians just like ISIS is doing. There’s always hope. The good news is the Power of God for salvation. Do we believe that?  Who’s willing to go? Now. 

4.  “Turn the other cheek, carry the pack an extra mile and give them the coat off your back.” Jesus was rooted in Middle Eastern culture. He understood the power of shame and employs it brilliantly in these three simple strategies in these words from Matthew chapter 5 – the Sermon on the Mount. Each are used by Jesus to show that the one who is being abused can take power back from the abuser by taking charge of the situation. “Turning the cheek” wasn’t being passive – but a way to force the man who struck first to think about what he was doing before striking again. Forcing a civilian to carry a pack an “extra mile” was actually illegal – so the Roman soldier would be in big trouble for his superiors if someone saw what was happening.  Taking of your “outer cloak” and showing your nakedness would have been a huge shame on the one who saw – not the one who took it off – but the one who saw. Shaming is Jesus’ clever way of granting power to the powerless. 

What if we spent a billion dollars on creative ways of shaming ISIS – what might we come up with? 

5.  “Love your enemy, bless them and loan without expecting return.”  Develop a long-term strategy for confronting evil.  These injunctions of Christ – to love, bless and give to our enemies – are long- term strategies. They may not work right now within the current situation, but we have to be asking about the next generation.  Who are the kids playing soccer in the dirty streets of Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan who could become successful businessmen and women, OR the next ISIS?  We never heard of ISIS just one year ago. We didn’t know about Al Qaeda before 9/11.  Who is the next ___________?  And how do we move beyond our short-sighted 4-year-at-a-time policies to a more enlightened policy of generations? To love, bless and give to your enemy speaks of development and opportunity. Are we taking economic and educational reform seriously enough in countries like Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan? If not, why not? 

I guess this was sort-of-like "What would Jesus Do with ISIS" type of question. Something to think about, huh?

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