Where Did Your GAYNESS Come From? (Part I)

  Where Did Your GAYNESS Come From? (Part I)

For those that believe that they were born gay I'm sorry, but this article isn't for you. For those of you that believe that your homosexual thoughts, tendencies, and/or behavior is beyond any scientific findings, then yes, this article is definitely for you. When it comes to the homosexual topic, folks tend to express their feelings wholeheartedly and that's exactly what we want here.

So let's get to the point...

What if we told you that your "gayness" ( tendencies, thoughts, feelings, behavior) comes from the effects of a narcissistic mother, father, and/or guardian. Just to put it out there, a child(ren) can have homosexual thoughts even if both parents are in the home.Yep, but we'll save that topic for some other time.

 Just think about,A narcissistic mother who was unloving, not nurturing, and verbally abusive to her children will produce a child that later becomes gay. It's true! It's simple: What you lack when you were a child, you will continue to lack as you enter adulthood, until the root issue is dealt with.

The effects on a child who was raised by a narcissistic parent :

1. The child lacks the attention from one or both parents.

2. The child unintentionally becomes attracted to the same sex and seeks companionship and friendships from the same sex.

3. The child seeks for mother and/or father figures when meeting others.

4. The young adult child seeks validation from others of the same-sex.

5. The young adult child lacks self-confidence because he/she still yearns for a relationship with the narcissistic parent.

6. The adult child may suffer from anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

7. The adult child separates from his/her family because of unresolved issues.

8. The adult child has difficulty building new relationships.

9. The adult child wonders if God is real or not due to the extreme capacity of anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

10. The adult child continues to be manipulative by their narcissistic parent, which still makes it difficult to deal with their "gayness", even though deep down inside the child wants to be freed from the homosexual spirit.

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