How To Recognize An Arrogant Christian

How To Recognize An Arrogant Christian

Christians aren't perfect. Once you become saved, your primary goal is to strive to make it into heaven, but some Christians take it too far. They get delivered from their past life now they feel as if they can tell others what to do. We must stay away from these narcissistic type of Christians. They do more harm than good to the body of Christ.

Four ways to recognize an arrogant Christian:

They think they're the only one "saved"
This type of Christian is beyond arrogant. They're judgmental and quotes every scripture in the Bible. They think they can tell others how to live their lives when in reality they are doing just enough to get by. They're usually mean and unapproachable people. Stay away from this type of Christian.

They think their denomination are the"truthful" ones
This type of Christian is ignorant in every way. They often criticize other denominations as if they're wrong and their's right. They are usually stuck up and stuck in their ways. And they rather follow some pastor than to read the Bible for themselves. They go to church every Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, and Sunday night, but still carry around the same hateful demon they never got rid of. Attending church is just another event to them.

This type of Christian half listens. They will over-talk you, bombard you, blackmail you, and so forth. What they have to say is far more important than what you have to say. They make comments like: my pastor is better than yours, my church does this and that, and I am the Youth President at my church...Stay away from this type of Christian because once church scandals come out, they're the first one to leave and talk about it.

Christians who have been pampered all their lives carry this attitude into churches. Then again, Christians who have struggled all their lives can also feel entitled and bring this NPD into the church. Stay away from these type of Christians. They create havoc within the church. They will go out of their way to get what they want. Narcissism to the finest is what we called this type of Christian.

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