What Type Of "Baby Daddy" Are You?

 What Type Of "Baby Daddy" Are You?

In the article What Type of "Baby Mama" Are You, we described an array of stereotypes for the word 'baby mama'. So now that the tables has turned, let's talk about the man! . Most times, society likes to blame the woman for not being as motherly or classified as being "unfit" for her children. Don't get it twisted, there's plenty of "unfit" father's just as much there are "unfit" mothers out there too. Oh, and another thing, black men aren't the only ones considered as 'baby daddy's;. Men all over  the world are all consider 'baby daddy's', if they aren't taking care of their responsibilities.

The Urban Dictionary defines the word "baby daddy" several times ( we just decided to pick two) :  The first definition: Usually a broke black man who you met through a friend and had sex with when you was upset and confused. Now you done had his baby and he don't pay child support and denies your son Ray Ray.  Second definition: A male that fathers a child but is no longer involved with the mother of the child/children, and more than likely not supporting the children.

We realized Urban Dictionary doesn't always have the correct punctuation or grammar in their definition, but there are some truth in what is defined.

Stereotypes of Baby Daddy's:

1. The "Happy" Baby Daddy Type:This type of baby daddy out of wedlock, only has one child with one woman. He loves his one child to death. He brags about his child to his closest friends, co-workers, and family. He puts the child first than himself. The child will never want for nothing. The "Happy" baby daddy has a close and pleasant relationship with his child's mother. This man is very protected of his child, and his child's mother. This type of baby daddy is very loving and will always show love, support, and concern for his child at any cost.

2. The "Oops, I Did It Again" Baby Daddy Type: This type of baby daddy out of wedlock, has two children from two different women. Although this type of baby daddy didn't planned a second child with a different women-he loves the child regardless. Even though he loves his two children, he lacks giving the children the emotional support; because he doesn't have himself together mentally and his relationship with both baby mama's includes arguing all the time. He tries to keep a job only because if he doesn't pay the child support he will be in jail. He only meets the basic needs for the children only when the mother calls and informs him that the child is in need.

3. The "I'm Broke" Baby Daddy Type: This type of baby daddy out of wedlock, has three children from three different women. This type of baby daddy can't keep a job. So since this type of baby daddy can not keep a job, his only occupation is street pharmacy ( drug dealer). He claims broke all the time, selfish and doesn't care about his children. Since his children doesn't see this type of baby daddy often, the children lacks emotional and mental support and therefore, "acts out" in school, church and in public. The "I'm Broke" baby daddy type is what you called a "Dead Beat Dad".

4. The "Missing In Action" Baby Daddy Type: This type of baby daddy out of wedlock, has four or more children from a host of women. This type of man doesn't care who she sleeps with. Having unprotected sex with numerous of women is a constant thrill for this type of baby daddy. He doesn't care if he gets a woman pregnant. He has so many children that he can't keep up with their names and birth-dates. The children might only see this type of baby daddy on Christmas. This type of baby daddy argues and fights with his baby mamas often. He runs from the law because his baby mamas threaten to report him for not paying child support. This type of baby daddy is miserable and will soon end up dead or in jail because of his drug life and his constant run-ins with the law.

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