Could You Withstand the Test of Job?

Could You Withstand the Test of Job?

Life is full of circumstances and situations that are involuntary. Yes, even as a Child of God; we are met with adversity, but God, our Father made us a promise that He will keep and deliver us when those tough times come. For examplehave you ever thought about the trial that Job faced? Job was considered an up-right man that fear the Lord in all his ways. God granted the devil permission to cause havoc upon Job. Somehow God knew that even if Job was stripped from everything, Job would continue serving Him. Does the same goes for us today? If The Lord Thy God granted Satan permission to cause disease upon our bodies, strip us from our jobs, cause death upon our loved ones, would we serve Him still? 

The world today is different from what it was in the Bible days. Today, we live in a world that is operated by technology. Technology has made human beings the most laziest creature ever. And yet, when we want something we must have it at our convenience. But if we took the things that Job was challenged with, how would we cope?  Just think about it. Job lost his kids, his wealth, and his "so-called" friends turned their backs on him. Most of us today wouldn't been able to cope with all of that. Depression, anxiety, stress and even the thought of suicide would've consume our thoughts.

No matter how stress or disappointed life gets, God will still deliver! One thing we must remember is: God timing is different from man's. Even if we are faced with a trial, we already know that God will grant us the strength to go through the fiery furnace and come out Victorious!

As a reminder for the saints of God, in 1 Peter 4:13-15 it says (ERV):  My friends, don’t be surprised at the painful things that you are now suffering, which are testing your faith. Don’t think that something strange is happening to you. 13 But you should be happy that you are sharing in Christ’s sufferings. You will be happy and full of joy when Christ shows his glory. 14 When people say bad things to you because you follow Christ, consider it a blessing. When that happens, it shows that God’s Spirit, the Spirit of glory, is with you. 15 You may suffer, but don’t let it be because you murder, steal, make trouble, or try to control other people’s lives. 16 But if you suffer because you are a “Christ-follower,” don’t be ashamed. You should praise God for that name.

Stay Encourage Saints Of God!!!

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