Six Common Racial Slurs

Six Common Racial Slurs

Do you know when you're saying racist remarks? No matter who you are or where you come from, racial slurs are common. In certain parts of the hemisphere, these ugly words are very common. Some more than others causes damage control and if that starts then....well, you know the rest.  

Are you familiar with the below racial slurs? If so, then maybe after reading the origin of the slur you will become familiar with the meaning and obsolete the word from your vocabulary.

Here it is: Six Common Racial Slurs....

1. "The Peanut Gallery"-When you politely decline any more rabble from “The Peanut Gallery,” you’re actually referring to the cheap seats in theaters where many African-Americans had to sit during Jim Crow.

2. "No Can Do"-Ever wonder why we repeat a phrase that’s not quite grammatically correct? It’s because “no can do” is a phrase originally used to make fun of the pidgin English of Chinese immigrants.

3. "Hip Hip Hooray"-The phrase was originally “hep hep hoorah” and it was shouted by Nazis raiding Jewish communities as during the Hep Hep Riot of 1890 that destroyed Jewish homes and buildings. “Hep” is likely an acronym for Hierosolyma est perdita,” which means “Jerusalem has fallen” in Latin.

4. "Bugger"-If something was offensive in the Middle Ages, is it still offensive now? “Bugger” is a word meaning Bulgarian sodomite. Back then, the religious sect called “Bulgarus” was stereotyped as having sex in an “inverse way.” Today in Hungary, however, a related word is still used as a slur for gay men.

5. "Eenie Meenie Miney Moe"-This phrase comes from a nursery rhyme that was originally written, “Eenie, meenie, miney, moe / Catch an**ger by the toe”

6. "Indian Giver"-This one is insultingly racist. Not only does it come right out and say that Indians are liars who give stuff and ask for it back, it wasn’t the Native American treaties that deserved that reputations.


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