Le'Andria Johnson: From Losing Everything To Riches

 Le'Andria Johnson: From Losing Everything To Riches

It's truly amazing how God works. He's omnipotent, awesome, powerful and knows all things.  Although we know God is righteous --at times it almost seems as if a person has to really go through something to experience the magnificent power of God. Often times when life situations comes upon us like a whirlwind, the thoughts and feelings of abandonment is a constant reminder. Family may not be supportive as much, "so-called" friends isn't around anymore, your money dries up, etc. Take for instance. A person who lost everything from their house, car, job, and bills piling up--is only left with anxiety, depression, and lost of hope. In those times it may seem like God isn't there, but He is there indeed.

A storm doesn't lasted always (though it may seem like it does). If we profess to be Children of God then we must keep in mind that: It's mandate that the sun shines and come forth from behind those cloudy clouds. It's so easy to talk and write about how to overcome hardships, but what I'm going to say next is definite: When you experience hardships like losing a job, house, car, etc--it only means that Satan is reaping havoc on your life, because he KNOWS what's ahead. The enemy tries to discombobulate us so much that when God delivers us from 'hell like situations', we wouldn't have the energy to experience joy and happiness. But No! When faced with adversity it only means that BLESSINGS are soon to come!

A perfect example: 'from losing everything, to riches' is Le'Andria Johnson. Listen to her story below and you be the judge.

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