5 Reasons Why Fox TV Show, 'Empire' Is Better Than ABC's, 'Scandal'

 5 Reasons Why Fox TV Show, 'Empire' Is Better Than ABC's, 'Scandal'

Yo! If you haven't watched Fox Show, 'Empire', then you missing out on the action! The suspense, drama, and the character 'Cookie', is the reason why so many people are hooked on this show! When we think of and watch 'Empire' we don't think about other shows like ABC's 'Scandal'. Right now in TV land, there's no other show that captures our attention more than 'Empire'.  Shonda Rhimes would have to come up with something better because 'Empire' is taking over! It's kind of like what we said about ABC's 'Scandal' a few articles ago on: The Black Community Is No Longer Fooled By Shonda Rhimes.


5 Reasons Why Fox Show, 'Empire' Is Better Than ABC's, 'Scandal':

1. The Cast Is Full Of Brown Brothers And Sisters: It's been awhile since the African American Community has had a full cast of Black people playing extraordinary roles, receiving high TV ratings, and exemplifying positivity on cable TV.

2. Shows A Sense Of Reality: 'Empire' seems so real that it's audience can relate to it's characters.

3. Has Great Drama: The drama and suspense is always high. There's never a dull moment. The suspense is not overdone like other shows-just to grab the viewers attention.

4. We Love The Character, "Cookie": We love all the characters on 'Empire', but our most favorite character would have to be the beautiful, dynamic, sassy, mouthy character "Cookie", played by the wonderful and brilliant, Taraji P. Henson.

5. We're Pretty Sure That 'Empire' Will Be Around For A Long Time: Just recently, 'Empire' was granted a second season and because of that, the viewers are happy. As a matter of fact, we can't wait for seasons 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,........We Love Fox TV Show 'Empire'!

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