The Fabrication in Black Churches is Over Rated

The Fabrication in Black Churches is Over Rated The Fabrication in Black Churches is Over Rated Reviewed by The Preying Narcissist Staff on 2:40:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. OMG!!! Finally somebody can actually see the black church for what they are!!! I have been saved for over 30 years and I have visited alot of churches mainly blacks churches. I have looked at the way blacks reverence God and the way our white brothers reverence God and it is totally different. Blacks folks in the church have serious issues. First of all we dont read the word of God and apply it to our lives (that's one of the main problem). We are too materialistic!!! Sister you are correct about that. We enslave each other (legalism is the narrator of the black church). The do's and don't is the focus. We walk in the flesh and demonstrate carnality unaware that there is a spirit realm that God would desire us to experience. Now this where our white brothers and sisters have an edge on us....they read the word, apply the word and reap the benefits of the word of God. The material things in the world dont govern them and they are very aware of the spiritual realm and our enemy. My sincere prayer is that in these last we the black church wake up and recognize the error of their ways and acknowledge God for who he is and why he sent his son Jesus. To be honest it is truly not about us at all it's all about the risen saviour and until the church realize this both black and white we will never enter into the rest that God has for us.

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