My Story: The Dream

 My Story: The Dream

Several days have past since the conversation between my Dad and I. As if it were yesterday, I remember praying and asking God to reveal to me what was causing the insecurities within myself. Later that night, I went to bed early and fell asleep immediately. Then the dream begun...

In the dream, I remember my family and I were in a van driving up a hill. For some reason the van stopped. We had to get out and walk. As we were walking, all of a sudden out of nowhere came out a long gigantic anaconda. The anaconda was chasing after us. My Dad, siblings, and myself safely made it to higher ground where the anaconda couldn't reach us. However, my mother was nowhere to be found. It was when we heard her screaming, but it was too late. The anaconda had swallowed my mother whole.

Immediately, I woke up from the dream terrified. I asked God the meaning of the dream and He did just that. In my head I kept hearing the word narcissistic. I must have stayed up all night researching and reading countless stories about narcissism. I was happy because there was an actual word that describes my mother behavior.

God revealed to me what my mother really was and because of this, I'm thankful. I'm a witness that if you ask God for something, he will reveal or bring light to any situation. Do you believe that?
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