The Narcissistic White Man

The Narcissistic White Man

It seems as if the world is going backwards than moving forwards. Racism is still alive, and it's prevalent more than ever. The most treacherous human being on earth is indeed the narcissistic white man. This type of human being is called a psychopathic narcissist. The narcissistic white man attacks their prey (the black man), and aims for kill. This has been their motive for centuries.  

Boycotting, protesting, marching, and non-violent rituals isn't no longer effective. And praying sure won't change a thing. African Americans have been trying for centuries-yet, nothing changes. It's passed time for the African American community to try something different. The senseless killings of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown  and many others has spark a different movement for this younger generation . It's time for a shift. A shift where white people will become the minority, the prey, and  experience the pain that African Americans has felt for centuries. A shift where African American will become the superior race that we once was. This shift needs to happen now and quick!

The narcissistic white man is indeed the enemy. My question for the black church is: what do we do when we know that the white man will not be satisfied until every black man is dead? Do we continue to pray? Do we continue to hope for a miracle? Just like Eric Garner screamed while the narcissistic white police officer choked him to death "I can't breathe", "I can't breathe"-that's right, African Americans can no longer breathe because we are being choked by white society and the narcissistic white man.

Beginning at 10:01 Louis Farrakhan explains how the black church needs to stop the prosperity preaching and preach about what's at stake. Afterwards, Farrakhan suggests what we should do about the narcissistic white race:
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