The Narcissistic Sister

 The Narcissistic Sister

What can I say about my narcissistic sister, Nicole. Well, she's definitely just like my narcissistic mother. Growing up with a sibling, who too is considered narcissistic was difficult. The mind games, jealous rage, and her blackmail tactics has destroyed my trust in her. Was this surprising to me? Certainly not. Nicole is my narcissistic mother 's favorite child, in other words the "golden child". Nicole's abusive ways weren't physical, they were always verbal. She became worst as she gotten older.

Narcissism is real folks. They don't care who they hurt. This article is the introduction of. Below are characteristics of an narcissistic sibling.

Narcissism traits in siblings:

#1 Narcissistic symptoms generally start in childhood and any siblings will suffer most.

#2 The narcissist has no difficulty hurting siblings and they denying it. The hurt can be emotional or physical.

#3 Narcissistic siblings will frequently demean and humiliate brothers and sisters, even in front of others.

#4 Siblings often report that the narcissist always wanted them dead.

#5 The narcissist will make siblings feel inferior or worthless, competing to win at all costs.

#6 They may befriend their siblings one minute, only to tear them down the next.

#7 The narcissists may make themselves out to be the good boy or girl with the parents, who mistakenly take their side against other siblings.

#8 They make the siblings feel responsible and never take the blame for anything.

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