Australia's First Openly Gay Muslim Speaks Out [[WATCH VIDEO]]

Australia's First Openly Gay Muslim Speaks Out [[WATCH VIDEO]]

Have you ever heard of a gay Muslim? Probably not. Muslims are firm believers of their faith and being a homosexual often times means death. Unlike the enormous amount of "gay Christians," Muslims believe that having unnatural tendencies for the same sex is horrific where those who confessed to be gay in some countries were condemned to the death penalty. Although we are against homosexuality, we pray for the protection of Nur Warsame and others just like him. Not everyone agrees with the homosexual agenda, then again violence should never be the answer just because you disagree with another person's sexuality.

Here it is...

An Australian imam has come out as gay, becoming the first such religious leader in his country to be publicly out. Nur Warsame decided to come out despite homophobic elements within conservative Muslim communities.Warsame is a respected leader in the Australian Muslim community and has served his faith for decades. Still, regardless of the good favor he has curried, coming out was anything but easy for him. Warsame says, “Reconciling spirituality with sexuality is a very difficult journey.

“The reason it’s difficult for people to come out in the Muslim world or Islamic communities is because the losses are too high, the risks are too great, I mean there is even a risk to your life because the conservative school of thought in Islam to counter homosexuality is to be killed, that’s your repentance.“When I decided to do this, I really analysed and thought carefully of the consequences.
“The idea is to make avenues and paths for other young queer Muslims to live their lives to the fullest and to hold on to their spirituality. My intentions are to try to make a difference in Muslim homes.” 

In Somalia where Nur comes from and in much of the Islamic world, being gay is illegal and punishable by imprisonment at the very least. In at least seven Muslim countries homosexuality still carries the death penalty. Many Australian Muslims are also against homosexuality.“I can’t see the future or what’s going to happen however there is that element of extremism in our community so I am very cautious and I’m not one who’s easily intimidated,” says Nur.

Warsame has been organizing underground meetings for young, closeted LGBTQI Muslims, meetings attended by Out Muslim and Labor candidate for parliament Melbourne Sophie Ismail.


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