What Type of "Baby Mama" Are You?

What Type of "Baby Mama" Are You?

Are you what society refers to as a "baby mama"? Did you birthed three or more children from different fathers? Unsurprisingly, there are more baby mama's than wives from both ends of the world. But first let's get this straight. Black women aren't the only ones considered as baby mama's. Women all over  the world are all considered baby mama's, if they have three or more children with different men.


The Urban Dictionary defines the word Baby-Mama as: A baby mama is a women who have several children (at least 2 or 3) by different men...mostly ghetto women. It is one thing to have a child out of wedlock, if you have a career and can afford to take care of the child on your own, but baby mamas make a carrier of having babies. This type of women doesn't care if the guy would make a suitable father or even if he can provide for any children they might have together. The type of guy these women go for have criminal record and no job. Not to mention, that these guys have other children with other baby mamas. These type of women don’t care that their soon to be “baby daddy” has three or four or even more children by other girls. That should be a clue that he is not going to support your kids!

'Baby Mama's ' live and support their children on welfare not on child support. Since all of them go with losers who can’t support their children. The sad thing is that the children that these women have are on Medi-cal or Medicaid (public medical assistance programs). They use the welfare system and sit on their butts. They are jealous of other women who have made better choices in picking (a husband or boyfriend) to have children with.

Although The Urban Dictionary may define the word "baby mama" a bit harsh, there are some truth to this. However, not all baby mama's are on welfare, ghetto, or full of jealousy. No. In fact, there are some educated, well-mannered, and pleasant baby mama's. What description best fits you or someone else you know as a "Baby Mama"...

Types of "Baby Mama's":

1. The "Smarter Woman" Baby Mama Type: This type of baby mama out of wedlock, only has one child from one man. She usually has a lot of free time that she can spend by herself or her close girlfriends. Her love for her child is remarkable. She puts the child first than herself. The child will never want for nothing. The "Smarter Woman" has a close and pleasant relationship with her child's father. This woman would never utter the words "I made a mistake", because she realizes that her child is not a mistake. In fact, this type of woman and her child has a close relationship that is unbreakable.

2. "It Didn't Work The First Time" Baby Mama Type: This type of baby mama out of wedlock, has two children from two different men. After the disappointment of her not getting married to the first baby daddy, she would try again. And like the first attempt, the second notion of her wanting to get marry to the second baby daddy will also fail. Although she loves her two children, she lacks giving the children the emotional support that they need, because she's emotionally strained. She feels though, if she had of been married, her life could've been better. She only meets the basic needs for the children. The relationship with her children fathers aren't the best.

3. "It's All About The Money": This type of baby mama out of wedlock, has three children from three different men. Forget about marriage, it's all about the money. The more children she has, the more she gets during tax season. She doesn't know how to express love or give emotional support, so therefore; the children often "acts out" in school, church, and in public. She only meets the children needs of (clothing, shoes, etc.) during tax season and Christmas. She needs the government help with food and housing. She works at a low paying job, because she knows if she gets a job that paids better than her first; she will lose her food stamps and government housing privilege. She doesn't care about her children father's, her only concern is that they paid "her" child support money.

4. "The Reckless" Baby Mama Type: This type of baby mama out of wedlock, has four or more children from a host of men. This type of woman doesn't care who she sleeps with. She parties every weekend and leaves the children with their grandmother. The children lacks nurturing from the mother, emotional support, clothing, and food. She put her needs before the children. This type of woman would rather get her nails done than buy groceries for the house. She need the government help with housing and food, if not; her and the children would be homeless. She often argues with the children father's. This type of baby mama is miserable and doesn't care how life ends up for herself or the children.

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  1. And I am NOT on welfare. And I know wives whose husbands are the father for all their children and these wives may as well be single because their husbands are barely even there. They struggle and grindd just like single mothers except that they hide behind a ring and fail to admit that they are unhappy taking care of all the babies and their hubby who don't do jack. I do expect to get married one day. But I refuse to be the ONLY bread winner. If we ain't going 5050 we ain't going at all. BIG SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY BABY MAMAS. On the grind working and going to school. Stay up. Love ya


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