The Effeminization Of The Black Man

The Effeminization Of The Black Man

What's going on with our black men dressing feminine?  Who is responsible for this ridicules trend? Our men went from wearing baggy pants to extremely tight pants and skirts. The last couple of years have been the manifestation of what had been bubbling for decades. Who are we to blame? It's in our movies! We have seen everything from men dressing in skirts and dresses in movies for years (Tyler Perry, Kevin Hart, Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, etc.)

Why don't they come up with a production company and name it: The Effeminization of Black Males Through Mass Media.  Hollywood image of the black man is being stripped of the “threatening” bravado and uber-macho image that was once prominent throughout Hip Hop, which also permeated throughout professional sports and Hollywood.

 Are we okay with this, women?  Are we allowing "Hollywood" to emasculate our men? Not only are they killing the black man, but making mockery out of our men too. Guess what though, black men are guilty. Their guilty because they're giving the media, and Hollywood permission  to portray themselves in this disgusting way. By this alone, this shows that the black man is gullible, unintelligent, and weak.

Black men, where's your strength, boldness, and manhood? We want our KINGS back!!!


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