Is Steve Harvey The New Bill Cosby?

Is Steve Harvey The New Bill Cosby?

When it comes to Bill Cosby career, I think we all will agree that he did pretty well for himself (except the rape allegations). We couldn't help but notice the similarities between Steve Harvey and Bill Cosby. We know we aren't the only ones, but it's obvious that Steve Harvey is doing just about the same thing as Bill Cosby once did when he was much younger. In a conversation with someone, Comedian Steve Harvey discussed his list of mentors, naming Cosby as one. Harvey also stated that Cosby is going through tough times, but he still served as a sense of inspiration for those who came after him. To be exact, this is what Harvey said,"To be honest with you Bill Cosby taught me so much about this business and marketing...In spite of what he's going through right now, what he taught me back then has been valuable for me, I'll always love him for that." Well, that's proof that Harvey may have based his career off of Cosby's.

Let's go a little deeper, shall we...

Bill Cosby dropped out of college to become a stand up comedian. Steve Harvey also dropped out college to become a stand up comedian. Cosby had the "Cosby Show", Harvey had "The Steve Harvey Show".  Cosby had "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids" Harvey has "Little Big Shots". See the similarities?

You know the popular saying, 'As one falls, another one comes up'... that's the point we're trying to make here! For now, we'll just sit back and see how Steve Harvey career ends up. We're just hoping his legacy doesn't end up like Bill Cosby.
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