Is Rapper, Common A "Uncle Tom"?

 Is Rapper, Common A "Uncle Tom"?

Rapper Common, has really done it this time! If you haven't heard, Common said some ridiculous things pertaining to race. Are we surprise though? Of course not! It is said that Common is a "Uncle Tom". After you read what he said below, you too will agree why so many believe that Common is a "Uncle Tom",  mainly because of his vast opinions against his own race...

In 2015, Rapper Common appeared on The Daily Show aired, featuring a convo on how Blacks can end racism. The Chicago native told host Jon Stewart that Black people should “extend a hand of love” to white people to remedy racism in our country.

The statement, of course, didn’t stand well with longtime fans of Common’s music, or even new followers from his high profile appearance in Selma, which granted him and John Legend an Academy Award.

Afterwards, he was cited for his respectability politics, and subsequently blasted by Black Twitter, as a feeling of betrayal resonated in their 140 characters.
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  1. Common is so used to Hollywood screwing him that he has become a very passive Black man! He was not concerned about the continual injustices that is evidence of a lack of multiculturalism in Hollyweird. He is becoming a whoremonger like George Clooney sleeping with women after women after every one realizes how weak he truly is.


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