Is The White Man Pimping The Black Church?

Is The White Man Pimping The Black Church?

Did the title catch you by surprise? Of course it shouldn't. The white man has been pimping the black church for centuries. As a matter of fact, this thing starts all the way back from slavery. The most popular occupation there ever was for the black man during the time of slavery was preaching. So, there's no difference today, except the white man is getting rich off these cowardly and falsifying black preachers. A little history for you--when Africans were captured and brought to America by the Europeans, they often attributed the Europeans’ power to the power of the Europeans’ God. Therefore, it was often easy for some enslaved Africans to begin to worship the victorious Christian God in place of their own gods (which we know there's only ONE God).

Today, the perfect example we could use is when Darrell Scott, a 56-year-old evangelical minister from Cleveland, Ohio; whose New Spirit Revival Center boasts thousands of members, first met Donald Trump the Republican presidential front-runner five years ago. Trump had invited some 25 pastors — three of them, including Scott and his wife, Belinda, were black — to Trump Tower for an announcement: He was considering running for president, and he asked the assembled guests to pray that God would point him in the right direction.

Do you see the problem? We are sure Trump paid Scott to rally up pastors and the same goes for Benny Hinn profiting from Brian Carn! If the secular world can pimp the church we surely are in trouble! When will the black church learn?!

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