Characteristics Of A Healthy Church

 Characteristics Of A Healthy Church
There are the certain characteristics that form a church that pleases our Lord. Each of these distinctions are extremely important. They all build from one another and synergistically combine to be the church Christ called. For example I was on staff at a church that had solid doctrine and Bible teaching, Biblical uncompromising worship, but they refused to incorporate some of the other vital characteristics. Thus, even though they had the solid foundation of the Word, the rest of the house was not built and so it could not function as a house, as a church. 
The church cannot be based on just one good aspect and ignore the rest. We cannot praise ourselves for having great outreach when we do not disciple the people we are bringing in. We cannot be confident we are doing as God has called us when we proclaim the Word with passion, but will not share it with our neighbors. The church must be holistic. Not the new age mumble jumble, but a balance of what Scripture calls us to, all working together by the power of the Holy Spirit. Each of these characteristics are not denominationally based, but are Biblical, so all denominations who claim Jesus as Lord can follow them if they want to be all that they are called to be.

Characteristics Of A Healthy Church:

1. The church has a culture of grace. another, they are not condemned for it but are met with love and empathy. They hear “me too” more than “shame on you.”
2. The church has a lot of young people. The college students and young adults I’ve worked with over the years have been far more eager for honesty than others I’ve worked with. They are likely immersed in social media and its culture of sharing and are comfortable with opening up the intimate aspects of their lives with others.
3. The church is emotionally healthy. When confronted with weakness or struggle, they search inside of themselves instead of punishing others for what they’ve done.
4. The church wants to be challenged. Truthfully, a lot of people in churches are not looking to hear something hard or new. They don’t want to be led in new ways. They come to church to hear the things they already know and to be comforted. They need to want to be led and to be stretched in new directions in order to be open to the honesty that heals.
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