Don't Forget Bruce Jenner: Is There Still Hope?

 Bruce Jenner: There's Still Hope

 Listen, if you missed Diana's Sawyer interview with Bruce Jenner, you missed an interesting dialogue. As I sat and listened to Mr. Jenner's confession, the human side of me was so confuse and in awe. What was coming out of this man's mouth was unheard of. For the life of me I couldn't understand why would someone who is 65 years of age would want to do what he was doing to himself? Until it struck me. I was doing what everyone else was doing; judging Bruce Jenner.

And suddenly, I had an epiphany--there's still hope for Mr. Jenner.

 It doesn't matter how uncomfortable I was beginning to feel when I would hear Jenner's stating the famous controversial statement: he was born that way.  No not at all, because I automatically knew what this man is struggling with is much bigger than he. What Mr. Jenner and millions of others like him are battling with isn't no identity crisis; it is however, an spiritual attack of the mind. If you remember in the article:The Kardashian's Step Father, Bruce Jenner: Transitioning To A Woman the writer asked a lot of questions like: Did he suffer abuse from a narcissistic parent growing up? Did Bruce lack anything growing up that caused him to make this transition from a man to a woman? Was he violated as a child? How will this affect his children? Although, we still don't know what has happened to this man for him to think this way, we know something did happened.

Something that was profound to us when watching the interview was when Jenner's mother said: it was her fault that Bruce came out that way. Did this mother know what turned her only son to such an perverse way? Could it be that this mother was an extreme narcissist, that she unknowingly caused the feminine spirit of herself and her daughters to come upon her son? Well, many are saying: Why could you say that his mother is the reason why he decided to change his gender?

 It's strange, but this type of stuff happens people!

We know that despite of his transformation, that there is still hope for Bruce Jenner. It all boils down to: Hope for Healing. Healing of childhood hurt, pain and knowing that it's God that can deliver not only Bruce Jenner, but anyone else that wants to change.  And because of  this, we know for sure There's Still Hope!!!

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