Self Driving Cars Will Soon Be Extinct

 Self Driving Cars Will Soon Be Extinct

Are you ready for this? Here it goes---the car that you are driving will soon be extinct! That's right! Self driving cars will no longer be here.

Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk believes that cars you can control will eventually be outlawed in favor of ones that are controlled by robots. The simple explanation: Musk believes computers will do a much better job than us to the point where, statistically, humans would be a liability on roadways.

Tesla has already added some self-driving features to its cars, but is working on technology that will let the car drive itself completely. An "autopilot" mode introduced for the Model S will do things like change speed, brake, and keep you in the correct lanes using on-board sensors. The next logical step is combining that with highway driving and navigation features to let the car drive the driver. In an interview last October, Musk said models the company was working on for this year would be "90 percent capable of autopilot."

What does this mean? Well it's simple, humans will no longer drive cars--computers will! Get ready!

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