My Story: Apostolic Woman Delivered From Homosexuality(Part I)

 My Story: Apostolic Woman Delivered From Homosexuality(Part I)

For sometime now, I've struggled with the notion of telling the world about my deliverance from homosexuality--But then I realized that my story could possibly help someone else. Not only was I verbally abused from my narcissistic mother, but I struggled with being attracted to the same-sex. The attraction to the same-sex started at an early age. I remember having crushes on my elementary school teachers. As years progressed and I entered high school, the attraction towards the same-sex was still there. Prior to me going to college, my spirit was pressed to speak to my Pastor at the time about the homosexual feelings that I was experiencing. Till this day, I wished I would've listen to my inner voice and went to counseling, but the fear of the possible distrust of my Pastor was fearful--that if by any chance if my parents would've found out about my homosexual tendencies, would have been detrimental.

 Anyways--By the time I was in college, I dated the same-sex and interacted in sexual behaviors. For me it was the excitement of meeting other females. No matter how much I interacted with the same-sex, I still felt empty inside. I was often convicted of my wrong doing from the Holy Spirit, but nonetheless, I still wanted to do what I wanted to do. It wasn't until I graduated from college and moved back into my parents house that I sensed a strong conviction in my spirit that what I was doing was completely wrong (although I was dating a person of the same-sex).

At the age of 23, I moved away to a different city for more opportunities of work. I felt free. Free to do anything I wanted to do-- and to be with anyone I wanted to be with.  It wasn't until a couple of years later that I would start to questioned myself. For some reason no matter how many females I've dated, I still felt empty inside. At the age of 26, I told God that I no longer wanted to be gay and I was sick of being this way. I begin to notice more about my feelings as a young adult, and my relationship with my mother. I found myself asking questions like: why did I started liking the same-sex, why do I have insecurities about myself, etc. It wasn't until the age of 28 that I boldly went before God in prayer and asked him to get to the root of why I have an attraction towards the same-sex and the causes of my insecurities. And He revealed to me the most unsurprising thing--I was attracted to the same-sex because I was birth and raised by an narcissistic mother.

For about a year after the revelation from God, I researched and learned some much about narcissism. And in my discovery, I found valuable reasons what caused my attraction with the same-sex from childhood to adulthood. Even though knowledge of narcissism was upon me, I still wasn't completely free from homosexuality.

Little did I know that my deliverance from homosexuality would come from God and a woman name Kimberly.

Stay Tuned for: My Story: Apostolic Girl Delivered From Homosexuality (Part 2)

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