People Get A Grip: Playing The Lottery Is Not A Sin

 People Get A Grip: Playing The Lottery Is Not A Sin

I'm sooo sick and tired of certain Black church folks always stating that it's a sin to play the lottery! God has never intended for his children to be poor, in poverty, etc. If we are Children Of God, we have the right to ask our spiritual father for anything. Besides-He knows our heart desires and what we going to do before we do it. Don't get it twisted-you gotta pay your bills before you purchase a lottery ticket. Now, everyone doesn't feel that playing the lottery is considered a sin. Oh No! There's Christians out there that believes God will bless them through the lottery.

Take for instance, Ms. Marie Holmes from North Carolina. A lucky Brunswick County woman has presented one of the three winning tickets for the Feb. 11 Powerball Jackpot of $564 million. Holmes chose to receive the lump sum payout which is worth approximately $127 million after taxes and was presented with a $188 million check. Holmes explained she wasn't able to watch the drawing for the winning numbers, and saw the numbers posted online by a friend the next day. She couldn't believe what she saw, so she called her mom to verify the numbers.

Holmes plans to give back to the community, specifically to the church (paying tithes) and to cerebral palsy organizations. She said she has always wanted to travel, and this winning the jackpot will allow her to fulfill those dreams. Additionally, Holmes plans to set up college funds for her children."This is going to make a huge difference for them," Holmes said. "They are going to be able to go to school, and not have to worry about paying for it. They are going to be able to live a comfortable life and not worry about struggling." said Marie Holmes.The full-time mother assured the winnings won't change who she is as a person. "It's not going to change the person that I am, but its just going to change our situation financially," she explained." "We are going to be able to have our own everything, and don't have to worry about staying here or there. It's just going to be very fortunate for them (her children), and I can actually get them in programs they need to be in."

What I admire about Ms. Holmes is when she acknowledged that the first thing she's going to do is pay her tithes. It's evident that this young lady was raised in the church, and because of that we are very happy. This is also an example that God will and can bless his children with the winning lottery numbers. God is an awesome God, and we believe that he will protect and guide Ms. Holmes, and her family, for generations and generations to come!

Congratulations Marie Holmes!!!

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  1. Ok so if I go to the casino and win and pay my tithes is that a sin?

  2. Whoever wrote this article really needs to dig into the bible more.


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