How Do You Spot A Narcissist

 How Do You Spot A Narcissist

Now that you are familiar with the characteristics of narcissism and you spent time and read other article like: The Nine Levels of Narcissism    and Black People: Narcissism Is Not Only In White Families it's Universal,  it's time to learn how to spot a narcissist. Ever wonder if you were entertaining a narcissist? Do you know if your boss or immediate supervisor suffers from narcissism? Well, let's take a look below on how you can spot a narcissist.

You can tell if a person suffers from narcissism  if....

1. They're self-centered/selfish
2. Extremely arrogant
3. Loves the limelight/attention seeker
4. Extremely jealous of others
5. Finds faults in others
6. Slanders your name
7. Secretly plans and set traps for others
8. Sabotage others events of joy/happiness
9. Secretly hates anyone who does better than them, but will soon seek revenge
10. Must be in control of others/situations
11. Master if deceit
12. Strategically plots to have others against you
13. Takes the focus off of others to be placed back onto them
14. Will use or abuse others in order to get revenge on their target person
15. Seeks attention or pity from others in order to receive sympathy
16. Will make you feel as if you need them when they were seeking help from you first (Prideful)
17. Will lie at all cost if their deceit has been discovered
18. Believes that they are god
19. Will seek out revenge if they are confronted about their schemes
20. Hates to follow rules
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