Forgiving My Narcissistic Apostolic Mother

Forgiving My Narcissistic Apostolic Mother

Since I've confronted my narcissistic mother, she has yet to call me. Although I call and check up on her, she refuses to do the same. I have forgave my mother from the hurt of my past, but what I refuse to do is to let her continue to control and manipulate my life as a grown woman. What baffles me is, how my holy-ghost filled Apostolic mother doesn't see any wrong doing in her actions.

Since my confrontation with my mother and father, I haven't been around my family in almost a year. And I must say-I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. When God open your eyes and reveals the truth in others, your whole life changes for the good. And that's exactly what happened to me. I forgave my mother, but I also realizes that she won't change. What's worst than to experience someone who is "so-called" saved continues to scandalize your name and talk about their own seed because they have differences of opinion.

I have to remember that narcissistic individuals finds it hard to apologize and forgive. Hopefully, my mother will ask God to work on her heart. Until then, I will continue to be in my happy place!
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  1. I am going through a similar situation with my family. My eyes have been opened and now I am treated like an "outsider". It hurts because I grew up believing that we were "so close" but now I see that that was a lie and it hurts. On the other hand I have been delivered and I am free from the strongholds and I thank God for that. My mother, brother and sister won't apologize to me, they just act like nothing family is good at sweeping stuff under the rug. My brother is a Pastor and was my Pastor. He said horrible things about me over the pulpit that really hurt when I left the church....this narcissism is real and this blog has opened my eyes to a lot. Thank you.


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