Did You Grow Up in the Apostolic Faith?

Did You Grow Up in the Apostolic Faith?

Did you grow up in the apostolic faith and have similar experiences as The PREYing Narcissist? Well, goods news! The staff at The PREYing Narcissist would like to offer you a chance to share your story on The PREYing Narcissist Blog! Feel free to contact Tammy Martin at: preyingnarcissist@gmail.com for more information!
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  1. When you say did you grow up APOSTOLIC - What do you mean? When I was young APOSTOLIC meant being baptized in Jesus' name and filled with God's spirit. It meant wearing long dresses and sleeves; it meant not being 'real'with people or you were considered 'carnal'. It meant being in church Sunday all day and return 2 hours later for evening service; return again for Monday choir practice, Tuesday bible study, Wednesday auxilliary meetings, Thursday evangelistic services and Fridays Saint's meetings. Saturday's sometimes offered a break unless you had some special occasion. It meant going out to eat often because everything else you did was a sin. It meant wearing white for purity on special occasions; black or blue to usher; do not wear red because those were harlot and Jesibel colors. It meant a whole lot of things. APOSTOLIC is so broad in its definition - it could mean several things to different people. Neverthless, through all of this, JESUS CHRIST is still my LORD and SAVIOR.


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