The First Lady: The Egotistical Character

 The First Lady: The Egotistical Character

Pardon me, but who came up with the term 'First Lady'? Whoever is responsible for this, has created a mess and the only ones using this term is the black church. Why is this? In the black church, the term 'First Lady' signifies someone who is to be highly visible, respected, well-dressed, and wears the biggest most flamboyant hats. Well, let me tell you what the title 'First Lady' really is. The term 'First Lady' is not scriptural. It is not biblical nor spiritual. It is however; made-man, superficial, and consider a egotistical term.

I knew young girls that dreamt about becoming a 'First Lady'. Funny, isn't it! Yep, an  acquaintance of mine admired and talked day and night about becoming a First Lady. Eventually, she became just that. Most 'First Ladies' aren't as holy as you think they are? In fact, the black church 'First Lady' is the most snobbish, scandalmonger, egotistical, and narcissistic character within the church. They're self-absorbed and mean women that will reprimand anyone in a second (think twice before you go to her in confidence). She supplies her narcissistic husband daily stimulation (it's her way or the highway type of syndrome). Everything has to be right, said right, done right, but what we must know is that, this type of character is not of God. As I mentioned in: It is Written: Satan Described As A Narcissist the highest and most beautifulest angel there ever was; Lucifer,  was egotistical and self-absorbed. Notice the similarities?

Take a look below at a very popular video featuring Gospel singer, Karen Clark Sheard. Pay close attention to the video where she explains the following: at 2:01 she explains that the status and respect of the 'First Lady' comes from the congregation and that she is held with high esteem in relationship with her husband. She also explains about the sacrifices she makes as being the 'First Lady' as far as not being able to speak her mind at times, and covering for her husband. At 3:45 she goes on and say that it is important that the 'First Lady' is the best dressed in church by setting a standard in a holy way and a part of her job is to give people attention.

Wow! You heard it from the horse's mouth!

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  1. I cannot believe what this lady is saying, she just full of shit, full of herself and too highminded but am happy she can only be fooling herself and her socall followers but sure not God. Where in the bible God has required a FIRST LADY ? this sort of title has been spreading across the black churches and it comes with great pride. Why should church memebers rely on her or to cry on her shoulders ? only to be in their private lives and to gossip about other's. The bible said cast all our burden upon Him because He careth for us, hence why does a first lady wants to take God's place ? I have no respect for these first lady, your husband may hold you in that high esteem but sure not me. Lord God Help us becuase pride is taking over the church at a fast pace and it start with the first LADY. These first ladies are only an instrument for the devil.

    1. I agree totally with you, Monika! Christ is FIRST in His church and He has PREEMINENCE in His church. Black churches and others need to stop using unscriptural titles, positions etc; and stick to the Word for guidance.

  2. This is a joke, and I wonder why people leave the church. She can't be real, her husband I know didn't see that video before it was posted. If so, I'm sorry I will never go to their church. She talking about that's her man, she got to be the best dress; come on that is nothing about God's work.

  3. Lord Help! we need you now more than ever.She really believes this Mess, My Husband is Both A Pastor and Elder Graduated with A Degree in Theology as soon as he begin Preaching at his own Church he wanted me to get wrapped up in Titles.I don't want to be called "First Lady" I want to be called by my Name or "Sister" I refuse to be caught up in Titles.


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