My Story: Identifying the Narcissistic Issue

My Story: Identifying the Narcissistic Issue

"Mom, did you say that you were going to called DSS and take my nieces away from Jennifer?" That was the question I asked my mother. "What! Jennifer is lying! She always lied!", shout my mother through the phone. Without hesitation, I rammed my mother with reminders that she wasn't a loving or nurturing mother growing up and perhaps that is the reason why Jennifer and she always argue. But she needed to understand that it wasn't just Jennifer who had problems with her, it was me too. "Well, let me tell you about yourself mother. You was not loving growing up and you still aren't. You are never positive and talking to you is like talking to a log.  As a child you have always told me that I was fat when you knew I wasn't."

"Samantha! Samantha! Wait, Jennifer is lying!" shouted my father. "Dad, give mom back the phone I want to talk to her, not you." Jennifer I know, but your mother is hurt right now, just talk to me please." said my father. "This doesn't concern you dad, I want to talk to Mom; please give the phone back to her." Jennifer, what's the problem why are you going off on your mother?" my father asked. "I'll tell you what the problem is dad".  "Can you tell me if our mother who is also you wife, can you tell me at any time that you can think of that she has shown us love or nurturing?" "Can you dad?" For about an hour my Dad and I were conversing with each other on the phone. Enough was enough, and I was tired of it. “ I told your mother while y’all were growing up that she needed to be more nurturing and show love towards y’all, I told her that!” said my father. Either she didn’t get the memo on that Dad or she doesn’t care, was my response. “Samantha, calm down and just think everything through, it will be alright soon.”  

Dad, it’s not alright, our family has serious issues that must be address, and we can’t continue to pretend like we are the perfect family, because we aren’t. My father couldn’t take any more of what I was saying, so we kindly ended the conversation with how much we love each other.  But little did he know that this conversation was the beginning of many things...
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