Black Celebrities and Pastors that have Narcissistic Characteristics


Black Celebrities and Pastors that have Narcissistic Characteristics 

The world is full of narcissistic people. They can be your parents, supervisor, co-worker, or even a friend. Narcissist’s comes off as being charming charismatic individuals, but beware they are treacherous people that prey on the weak. For instance, the news around the world was focused on Bill Cosby and the numerous allegations from a host of women. Before I give my opinion on what type of narcissistic behavior Bill Cosby struggles from, I must first explain the similarities of Bill Cosby and the ‘egomaniac black preacher’.

The ‘egomaniac black preacher’ is usually someone who loves control. This type of preacher expects their members to adhere to their wishes-even if it goes against the Bible and his/her morals. The ‘egomaniac black preacher ‘sees themselves as being more intelligent and knowledgeable than anyone else on any subject and uses their wisdom to draw their narcissistic supply on the weak. Examples of ‘egomaniac black preacher’ are: Eddie Long (yes, he definitely fits this description-remember the homosexual allegations with those young men ), Craig Lamar Davis (the preacher from Georgia that slept with several church members and gave them AIDS) and the list goes on.

Bill Cosby, the world renowned famous black dad is similar to the ‘egomaniac black preacher’ because (on TV) he represented someone who was a protector, provider, and knowledgeable, but thqt changed allegations. I believe every single woman that came forth about Mr. Cosby. The black church suffers from predators like Bill Cosby and ‘egomaniac black preachers’. Bill Cosby preyed on weak minded women and the ‘egomaniac black preacher’ preys on weak minded church folks.

Bill Cosby and the ‘egomaniac black preacher’ have the type of narcissistic behaviors below:

The Classic/Overt Narcissist
The classic/overt narcissist is an egomaniac and a control freak. Classic narcissists expect you to adhere to their wishes, even if they go against your morals. Confront them and they will most likely fly into a narcissistic rage. Given their lack of empathy the victim must do whatever is required to uphold the narcissist's false self or the victim will be made to face the narcissist's wrath... and this can be dangerous. 

The Cerebral Narcissist

The cerebral narcissist sees their self as being more intelligent and knowledgeable than anyone else, on any subject and they use their intelligence to attain narcissistic supply. They are always right, even when they are wrong and they hate it when they are wrong. For this reason, they are always right, even when they know you know they are wrong.

The cerebral narcissist always has a story to tell about any topic mentioned and often interrupts the conversation to shift the focus of attention on to their self. They offer the best advice available in their opinion, even better than the experts, and they believe you are a fool if you do not follow their advice, no matter how distorted their world-view is.

The Somatic Narcissist

Whereas the cerebral narcissist uses their intelligence to attain narcissistic supply, instead the somatic narcissist uses their body and so, if the are female, they become a nymphomaniac. If male, they become a satyr. The somatic narcissist has a consistent supply of multiple sexual partners, sometimes of the same gender and sometimes simultaneously. Such behaviour for a somatic narcissist is as normal as having a cup of tea. 

The Covert/Stealth /Closet Narcissist

The covert or stealth narcissist is the most dangerous of all forms of the personality disorder. Covert narcissists work behind the scenes, off the radar of perception. They are faceless and under cover. Covert (malignant) narcissism is known to be more common in females than it is in males. Stealth narcissists often use gaslighting and hypnotic communication techniques to convince their victim they are going crazy. Covert narcissists suck their victims into their lives and wait for a cue that their victim has become emotionally attached to them. Once this has been established, the covert narcissist then destroys the victim's identity and resorts to emotional blackmail and mental abuse to manipulate and control the victim. The covert narcissist usually has many secret one-night-stands leading to secret affairs (sometimes within the family) over the years and destroys the victim's reputation outside of their awareness, by spreading truths mixed with malicious lies.


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