My Story: Celebrating Christmas is Forbidden in Most Apostolic Homes

My Story: Celebrating Christmas is Forbidden in Most Apostolic Homes

Christmas. It's the only time of the year that people are nicer, giving, and even spiritual. And I must admit- I too love the shining lights, secret Santa gift giving  and all that good stuff. There's always a happy feeling in the air during this time. Unfortunately, as an adult; I'm just now experiencing the merry and jolly feelings of the Christmas Holiday. Yes, you read that correct. Growing up, celebrating the Christmas Holiday was not allow in my Apostolic home. There were no Christmas tree, presents under the tree, lights inside or outside the house, or gift giving allowed in my household. Horrible right? Yeah, considering that this is the norm for most people who are of Apostolic Faith.

Take a moment (if you will) and picture this: you are thirteen years old and it's Christmas time  and the last week of school for the year. The rest of the kids are excited because there's no more school work, so that means Christmas parties in every period. The kids are happy and mingling amongst one another discussing what they are getting for Christmas. You feel left out because you can't participate in the festivities because of your "religion". One kid asked, "why can't you eat and play with us" ? And your response, " because I don't celebrate Christmas, it's against my religion". Ridiculous right? Right!

The reason why those who are of the Apostolic  Faith don't celebrate the Christmas Holiday is this: no where in the Holy Bible does it say that Jesus was born on December 25th, Christmas is a made-man fictional Holiday. Can you believe this! The most egotistical, made-man, treacherous, and judgmental doctrine of faith doesn't believe in something because it's fictional!

Listen Apostolic people-the fact that Jesus was born, still needs to be celebrated! Okay, so what if man picked December 25th as the day of Jesus birth. The date should be of less concern. What's true is that he was born for our sins. And that right there should ALWAYS be celebrated.

A message for Apostolic churches throughout the world: who are you to judge what should and shouldn't be celebrated when the Apostolic doctrine is the most hypocritical, judgmental, egotistical, and falsified teachings known to man? When you teach and discipline your congregation that it's a sin for a married man and woman to wear their wearing rings, or that it's a sin to wear the color red in church and (God forbid) if you are caught wearing red you will be assigned to the back of the church. Better yet- it's forbidden to sing in the choir if you don't confess to be saved. So tell me men and women of the Apostolic doctrine, how does this sound? Confusing, right?

Will the Most High be pleased with the made-man rules of the Apostolic doctrine? Certainly not.
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